Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rungs At Station 9 of Bukit Tabur West

This posting is contributed by Stanlley Tai on his experience in putting up rungs at the Station 9 ( formerly known as First Rope ) of Bukit Tabur West, creating a mini-via ferata like structures as aid to trekkers.

Stanlley advised that a proper via-ferrata has a safety cable running alongside the rungs and climbers are required to wear a proper climbing harness, supposedly t be clipped onto the cable for safety from one point to the other.

The rungs
that were drilled & fixed unto the rocks at station 9 has no cables on them, they were fixed just as an aid to the trekkers should they INSISTS to climb down the cliff at the left side of Station 9.( formerly known as First Rope)

Comparing the rungs that were fixed into the drilled holes in the rocks ( done in October 2011 ) with those ropes that were tied to the rocks, the rungs are believed to be safer than the ropes.

We always advise trekkers/climbers to use the right side of station 9 to proceed to the cliff opposite, it is a much safer route. If trekkers must choose to come down from the left side of Station 9, the rungs are just merely an aid.

Disclaimer : Always trek safely. Exercise caution for your own safety, we are in no way to be hold responsibility for any mishaps that happens.

This below posting is from StanlleyTai

General Describe

With 15 kg of safety and climbing gears and first aid in my Dueter bagpack, Nov 18, 2011 was a memorable day for me and my dad and his team of volunteers . Vince carried the powered Bosch hammer drill for the job.

It was a day when hope was translated into work, that no unnecessary accident should happen again at the accident prone spot at Station 9 ( formerly known as First Rope ) in Bukit Tabur West.

The load of our backpacks were heavy, as we set out the journey starting from the foothill of the Klang Gate, considering the rocky & steep terrain of Bukit Tabur. it is for sure it wasn't an easy climb.

The thought that someone could accidentally fall again due to the danger at station 9 gave us the strength to carry the load towards the purpose and reason why we were there in the first place.

It seemed that the weight we carried was nothing when compared to the rescue workers would have to go through should another rescue operation is to take place.

How we did it
Upon reaching Station No.9, first and foremost, we brought out the prayer material and items, did what we believe was to appease the local 'residents', where we got some offerings and prayer material burnt for the 'Datuk and Nenek' (Granpa and Granma of the mountain) before starting work.

For my own safety

I started by locating 2 points to mount sturdy anchor points for my safety rope,

wore my harness and clipped on my descender to enable me to work handsfree and safely.

We identified suitably hard and flat surface for rungs mounting

Thanks to the volunteering consultants for their patience and efforts, they did many dry runs before the locations of each rung were confirmed.

We spend the most time locating for appropriate spots to mount our rungs, and double check on the position of the rock nearby versus the appropiate spots with safety to the trekkers as our most concern.

Rocks that are fractured, brittle and uneven are not suitable.

It took us many trials before deciding where to place the rungs.

After marking, we then drilled into the rock

consulted a geologist before commencing work in Bukit Tabur. The quartz formation in Tabur West is quite diverse. We have to find good solid quartz, this is solid color with no fractures. Those with fractures is like sand. Imagine a sheet of tempered glass like those on a car's windscreen, the glass is strongest when clear, but when shattered, there is no strength in the glass.

After the drilling, rung after rung was installed.

The contractor , named Loon is an experience contractor and he helped with the installation of the rungs.

The upper rungs were deliberately mounted low, to avoid the big loose rock on the edge, marked out by a few yellow X marks.

More information on the loose rock in

The results

Altogether there are 9 rungs bolted into the rock. These bolted rungs forms a kind of mini-via ferata at Station 9 . The purpose of the 9 rungs is to assist the trekker/climber, to hold themselves steady.

Testing & simulation

Testing was done one by one,

Checks and double checks were performed by everyone in the voluntary team,.

Simulation climbs on the rungs were done by the entire team until everyone was satisfied on its safety.

After finishing up at Station 9, my Dad and the team went towards Station 12 to mount a rung there. I stayed back to pack up all of the safety gear and it started to rain.

I got my raincoat on and quickly secured everyone's bags and waited for their return. The rain wasn't that heavy and there was no lightning.

A word of appreciation and thanks to Loon and Dad and his team of volunteers for contributing towards the success of getting the mini-via ferata up.

We then descended Bukit Tabur West, with hopes that the rung structures will help trekkers and prevent accidents in the future at station 9.


A word of appreciation and thanks to Loon and Dad and his team of volunteers, their team of volunteers for contributing success towards the contributing towards the success of getting the mini-via ferata up.

We strongly recommend trekkers/climbers to use the right route ( the SAFER ROUTE ) to get to the opposite cliff as a safe way to get ahead.

Pictures courtesy of Ms. Paige Lee

Disclaimer : Always trek safely. Exercise caution for your own safety, we are in no way to be held responsible for any mishaps that happens. Your safety is your own responsibility.

Agnes Note : A word of thanks to Kim Wone Tai & Stanlley Tai, the father & son team and their trekking buddies & volunteers for the work done at Station 9.

Stanlley Tai is the Operation & Sales Manager of Bungy Malaysia Sdn Bhd, he has over 10 years of experience in rock climbing and related safety matters. He is also an avid extreme sportman, playing competitive paintball, go-karting, rock-climbing and is a qualified medic.

( Should you have any queries, would be glad to liase for you to have Stanlley and his team to answer it )

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Dangerous Rock At Station 9 Bukit Tabur West

Jeff Sanders comments on the rock that posed as a danger at Station 9 ( formerly known as first Rope Location ) at Bukit Tabur West.

At Minutes .54-.57 in the video, Jeff is refering to this spot of loose earth, which can give way.

Picture courtesy of Ms. Paige lee

There is danger at the spot of loose earth highlighted in the red square in the above photos, please avoid this spot of loose earth.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Highlight the Dangerous Rock At Bukit Tabur West

This posting is to highlight some dangerous rock that is in Bukit Tabur West.

Picture show Mr. Kim Wone Tai in blue T and blue cap. & his son Stanley, a fine young man in batik headband. This is a father & son team and their trekking buddies cum volunteers.

They brought in a friend, Jeff Sanders who is knowledgeable in Peak Risk Management, Mountain /Avalance/ Avalance Awareness trained by OPC ( Outdoor Persuit Centre in New Zealand ).

They volunteer themselves to help survey the danger spots at the First Rope ( Now marked as station 9) .

Location of survey : First Rope ( Now marked as station 9) .

Result of their survey: ( on the left side of the cliff ) there is a piece of huge rock sitting on loose sand and it is in danger of dislocation from its base.

We will show some pictures to warn you on the danger that is lurking there. ( click for clearer view )

Picture to show the location of the rock seen from opposite cliff.

A closer view of the rock taken from the opposite cliff. One very obvious marking is there are some chinese wordings in blue.

Nurul is sitting just next to the rock of the worn out tree.

Nurul standing by the tree at the base of the dangerous rock. pictures showed some young trekkers gathered at the bottom of this cliffs

Nurul trying to move the rock, and it is shaky.

When we were there, we saw some trekkers still use the rock way to scale down the cliff and we noticed too their hands were pulling in someway or other, to assist them up or down.

A question was asked to Jeff whether is it dangerous to scale up and down the cliff via the rock, and his comment was " NOT RECOMMENDED " as there is a safer alternative way.

We have a video on Jeff Sander's comment on the danger spot of the First Rope ( Now marked as station 9) which we are now processing & will upload to You Tube later.

Jeff using the alternative , and safer way to get to the other side of cliff.

The safer path is on the right side of station 9.

Hi Trekkers, choose a safer path, avoid danger & the dangerous rock.

Have Fun & Trek Safely.

Trail Map of Bukit Tabur East & West

The trail is available in two files (Tabur West & Tabur East) which can be downloaded into your gps or google earth software.

Terima Kasih, Nandri Nandri, Xue Xue, Thankyou.

A word of thanks to our petite yet chilli padi strong lady Noor Zana, the team leader and her team members who did the trail mapping for Bukit Tabur.

This picture has Dominic Khoo, Zana, Henry, Siaw Ching's two friends in it.

Special thanks to Henry Chan, a successful Health & Wellness Consultant, an avid trekker who almost finished trekking the G12 ( G12 is what climbers refer to as the 12 highest peaks of Malaysia; 7 are in Peninsula Malaysia and 5, including one of the highest mountain of South East Asia Mt Kinabalu, are in East Malaysia.) within a span of 2 years or so.

Thanks Henry to have done such detail job.

Siaw Ching

Bukit Tabur has been in more publicity than ever before, more people are trekking this way and we hope with the marking of numbers, there will be common understanding and common reference among trekkers.

Eric Ng in red T, matching his passion for the hill.

No one can beat Eric Ng's passion to keep trekkers inform on Bukit Tabur & dangerous spot therein, he knows the place like it's the back of his fingers, every spot & corners, bolders and stones ... and the trees etc, the police has on some occassions called upon him to assist in some of the rescue operation.

& others who were present to lend your support, thank you very very much.

The marking is for the trekkers.

We find using spray as the most viable way. For those who disagree with how we do, please forgive us if we have not done it any better way for the time being.

Thanks everyone for contributing to safe trekking.

The hornets in Bukit Tabur

Looks like the hornets' nest is getting bigger by the day

picture taken on October 26, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beware of Hornets in Bukit Tabur West

Last Thursday ( 8/9/2011 ) we reported that there was a hornet nest the size of human head found on a tree between marking 3 & 4 in Bukit Tabur West .
Picture courtesy of aloysius
It has grown to a size of basket ball yesterday ( 14/9/2011 )

Yoke Foo Ng, Henry Ch'ng, Aloysius went to Balai Bomba in Hots Spring, Setapak to inform them of the same, so they can do something about it. However the personal in Balai Bomba Setapak said this is the job of MPAJ in Ampang.

They went to MPAJ, Ampang to lodge a report, offering to take them to show the location of the hornets nest.
MPAJ said will call back.

This morning, Eric went up to put two signboards, and alerted the early trekkers he met.

" ADA TEMUAN " & " BEWARE OF HORNETS " with direction of an alternative safe route.

Dear Trekkers, please do not shake any tree unnecessary.
.......they are always protecting their hive from dangers; that is their instinct. Once they can sense any threats, they would always attack any animals and even humans who are near their hive. And the worse thing is that, they always attack in hundreds. These insects are very sensitive that anything strange to them, they would always consider it as threat to their safety.
.....some people are allergic to their venom and can have very dangerous reactions to a sting. ........
Tony Quah, the climbathon & trekking sifu said : " Do bring along anti-hisatimine while hiking as this is my practice to take these pills for all my hikes just for precautions "

This is great idea, precaution, prevention, and prepareness is the way to go.

Keep Bukit Tabur Clean Always, Trek Responsibly & Trek Safely.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 14, 2011 Thank you for your support

This post is for those that i miss out in the facebook mailing list, would like to have you know the progress so something can be done collectively.

If you want to volunteer or contribute, please send me a mail or get in touch with those leaders that i suggest in this post.

If you think your friends have the expertise and skill in any particular area that can help contribute towards trekking safely in Bukit Tabur, we appreciate help of all kinds.

If you do not want your name to be mentioned in this post, please alert me so i can take it out.

Beginning of message in Facebook
Tan Agnes

* Dear all, there is another accident happened at the first rope of Bukit Tabur west last sunday, from the pictures of the rescue evacuation, from the orchard and bukit mas, and the fall vitcim's friend visited him yesterday, the location is identified as first rope.

calling for volunteers and let's form a committee to do something about this to work towards safe trekking among the trekking community.

please help.

Norazinda Baharudin
15 hours agoSent from Mobile
Norazinda Baharudin



Singara Velan
15 hours agoSent from Mobile
Singara Velan


Never thought that spot to be dangerous. Always been half eye closed when hiking. Now must watch my every step.

Radzi Yusof
15 hours agoSent from Mobile
Radzi Yusof


Yes, I'll chip in, money, effort and time! It could be small contribution only!

Tan Agnes
15 hours ago
Tan Agnes


terima kasih banyak banyak radzi

Chan Mun Keng
14 hours agoSent from Mobile
Chan Mun Keng


Agnes, count me in. I may not be experience enough to become volunteer guide, but am sure there are other ways I can contribute as well.

Johnnie Lim
13 hours ago
Johnnie Lim


if the timing is right , i dont mind helping out. I only come back home once or twice a month. i am currently working in johor

Tan Agnes
12 hours ago
Tan Agnes


Chan : ya, in any way, thanks.
Johnie : Oh, that' s far, but yr kind thoughts is already a moral boost.
Nor : betul betul scary kalau that someone that fall is a friend, i can understand when you said that, it is scary.
Velan: let's do something to inform others in a more effective way. In the past, what we did i think contribute in some ways to the trekking community who went up. but it is not enuf, because there are sobatuer up there also.

Johnnie Lim
12 hours ago
Johnnie Lim


Agnes, Tabur is my favourite hill, I goes there every chance I get. You are doing a great job, keeping it safe for hikers. we will support you in what ever capacity we can.

Tan Agnes
12 hours ago
Tan Agnes


thank you johnie, tabur is really a great place, i think lots of trekkers treassure this place. if too many accidents happened, the next thing is the authorithy will definately seal off this place.

Noor Zana
12 hours ago
Noor Zana


ya i dun wan that thing to be happened Agnes....! Shall we appointed someone to be ranjer of Bukit Tabur? Looks like we need someone who is familiar to guide the amateur of Bukit Tabur - only at that part of rocks...

Tan Agnes
12 hours ago
Tan Agnes


Zana sayang, ya, ya, that should not have happened again. esp same spot.

Siaw Cheng Lim
12 hours ago
Siaw Cheng Lim


agnes, just let me know wat can I help out. thanks

Henry Chan
4 hours ago
Henry Chan


Count me in Agnes . . . I also have friends who are nature guides as well as those who do rock climbing. Maybe can ask them for their valued advice ... ... ...

Paktam Abekecik
2 hours ago
Paktam Abekecik


pls do let me know anything what i can contribute....

Tan Agnes
50 minutes ago
Tan Agnes


facebook is just great, imagine without it , we would have spend endless sms, emails, or phone call to get this done and may be some important messages & feedback is lost along the way.

today is a great day & i love facebook.

thanks for all the contribution, towards bukit tabur, for the trekking community.

great friends are made here.

Tan Agnes
11 minutes ago
Tan Agnes


I have a suggestion, please feedback
we divide each task into subgroup to take care of different things

Subgroup 1) photographs & videos to depict the accident spot/how to best climb a particular place. ( Chan Mun Heng ( leader), Paktam Abekecik, Siaw Ching, Jake Leong for the time being, if you would like to contribute, Please check with Chan, as he organises this team.

Subgroup 2) Trail Mapping, anyone with knowledge using technology to come out with one

Update : ( 11.06 am september 14, 2011 : Noor Zana responded to help)

subgroup 3) calling for volunteers to form some kind of guide, may be for the time being, some can lead on thursday, who go up sat can lead on saturday and who go up sunday can help on sunday until a team of volunteers is identified. Who can lead this group ?

Subgroup 4) Putting up the structures, or danger string at the first rope or other dangerous spot, Vince Khor & his group of trekker already doing something along this line (leader : Vince/Tai, kathy mui, kim won tai, jenny lee, n his gang will fall under this)

subgroup 5) Fund raising : To support Subgroup 4, ( they are already in the process to get the plan and drawing on the structures, Putting up the structures, permanent notices will need some kind of funding) siapa can lead ?

subgroup 6 : apa apa yang relevant

Sub group 6) Not forgeting : we must get some kind of backing from the authority so that the work can be established, kalau tidak, today you put up, next day they said, you buat tanpa approval..........hah !!!! susah susah get it done, kena take down pasal takde approval.

Ok, as this is voluntary work, do get yourself involved according to your liking & interest and enjoy.

All the persons mentioned above, it is just suggestion, you can change to any other group and work with anyone to your liking & contribute from there.

any other inputs, please add on.



Let's put in little effort towards safe trekking in Bukit Tabur

Some trekkers have been providing feedback and discussions via The trekkers facebook group
on the concern of danger at the FIRST ROPE of Bukit Tabur West. which many accidents happened.

The discussions is a positive development because when people say something, or argue, or raise their concern, the need to iron out differences is always there for good or better, or for bad or worst.

Taking this opportunity available, lets do something.

Topic of concern : About the danger on the 'FIRST ROPE ' location in Bukit Tabur West.
What can be done : Calling for volunteers to come forward, let's form a temporary working committees to brain storm on what can be done.
Objective : Consolidate the solutions for further discussion with fellow trekkers. I am sure the how it can be done will follow later.

My email is, once other volunteers comes in, will update their emails address here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do I or Do Wehave to do this ?

Mountain climbing is such enjoyable experience.

On a personnal note, I am doing it for health, for friendship and for the love of nature; and it is so with my friends, whom we do this together in Bukit Tabur for the last of many years.

When people asked do I/we organised trip up Bukit Tabur ?
We say no.

And they checked why do I/we start the trekkers ?
I just said, from the experience we went through while enjoying that place, we hope to document it as information so that other trekkers, who needs it, may find it useful.

Then they asked again Am I/are we selling any product or services related to trekking ?
The answer is no.

And when there are people who wants to go up asked me/us, can I go with you and your friends ?

I will said, well I have no problem, but please make sure you are fit because we are not professional to handle you should medical problem arises.

We are just hobby maker in trekking.

And so if they come trekking with us, it is alright for us, if they don't come trekking with us, it is also alright with us.

At our age, most of us are retiree and take health as utmost importance, and sharing friendship while enjoying the nature.

And so, the many times of trekking, in the same place, being with friends together for health and friendship and nature, we kind of take note whatever changes happened to the place and the people and the rock and the trees and so is the accidents and the location of it.

I am asking myself, why is it that when accidents happened in Bukit Tabur, why am I/are we so sensitive to this issue ?

I can frankly tell you personally that it related to our unique experience we went through while saving a trekker name Siaw Ching, when she fell off the cliff in October 2009.

Siaw Ching & I /us can laugh about our emergence during the " rescue " now when we looked back, but during the incident, she scared the day light out of me/us then.

We hope others ( parents, family and friends ) don't have to go through that kind of emotion that was really hellish & yarky.

There definately is a need for workable solution to have people trek safely and avoid accidents in Bukit Tabur.

Bukit Tabur Accident September 11, 2011

click here for more information on what happened on September 11, 2011 at Bukit Tabur

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ALERT HORNETS' NEST Beware of hornets

ALERT ON HORNETS NEST............ BEWARE & alert on hornets !!!!!

Trekker Agatha Rosalind called to inform after their trekking yesterday in Bukit Tabur West.

They noticed there is a hornet nest ( the size of a human head) , previously not there appeared on one of the tree.
I am trying my best to describe where is this place in this post for the time being until i can search some photos from album to show where is the approximate location.

Please forgive me if it sound crazy.

Based on her description, the nest is hanging on a tree.

1) the location is approximate 15-20 minutes after trekking from the Klang Gate foothill for regular fast trekker.

2) The marking in numbers on the rock is between 3 & 4.

3) It is before the first stop, which trekkers used to stop and take photographs of the B Tabur East ( opposite mountain, which you can see two to three peaks at one go, and you can see whole of KL city on the right )

4) It is after a big patch of erosion, where you need to climb quite big step to go forward.

5) It is before the location of wind tunnel.

Appeal to anyone who has photos of those location, kindly send to me/rosalyn for confirmation before tagging.

mean time, a plastic bag is tied for alert.
Thanks to Rosalind, the seasoned and caring trekker.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Accidents at the first rope again

Accidents does happen every where, be it on the road, in the house, on the mountain etc....

However when accidents happened at the same spot around the same location, that sounds danger, and risk, it means some attention is needed to avoid accidents and to be safe.

It was again in the same spot/location at the First Rope of Bukit Tabur West, accident happened in the month of June, 2011 when trekker scaled down the rock.

We would like to present few posters in this blog to warn others of the danger again, as most of the posters we hang on the trees leading up to the accident prone spots were taken off by someone whom we don't know and we couldn't understand why they are doing it.

When you come to the first rope, there are two options to advance further,

Option 1

Assuming you are standing with scenes of Kuala Lumpur City on your left, the path to advance further is located on the right side of the slope. ( My opinion is that it is less risky & safer if you follow this path.)

The slope is quite steep but with ropes to guide you, if you trek within the confine of the ropes, there is no reason why any trekker cannot reach the next level safely.

Options 2
Scaling down the cliff is high risk and accidents happened here many times, the latest being in june 2011 )

If you must do this path, I would like to share something that may interest you.

When we gotten a professional rock climber to tie the rope at that location, they advised us some thoughts.

1) You cannot bore any holes or nails because the rock is limestone and it breaks easily.
2) There are granite stones which is vertical and through the weathering, wear and tear, it is not stable.

With the rope that was tied to the tree on top of the slope, it was meant to assist only should climber choose that way, it is not meant as life line for any climber.

There are volunteers do some checking from time to time, but there is always someone who do the opposite to loosen it.

Scary right !!!

So, my humble advice is use a safer way to trek, it goes a long way to enjoy the nature.

Here are some pointers to look out for, and we hope it helps.

Check the rope every time you choose this risky and challenging path.

We noticed the same tree that used as support at the bottom of the cliff, has fallen.

Take great care to balance yourself, take one step at a time.

Never to sit at the cliff edge. It is very dangerous.

Click on this photos to see the cliff of Bukit Tabur that you may understand why any fall can be fatal.

Trek safely, Trek responsibly, Keep Bukit Tabur Clean always.

It's always good to know " Happily the trekkers go up, safely they trek back.