Monday, June 29, 2009

Unreported Accident In Bukit Tabur

We were celebrating SK Lee's birthday up in Bukit Tabur on Sunday.

Picture from Christopher Choi's album, In the picture are the regular trekkers of Bukit Tabur.

Besides catching up on each other over what happened the entire week, one topic of discussion was on the accident that happened on June 20, 2009 when a female trekker fell off the cliff at Second Rope.

There were two groups of trekkers witnessing the fell, one from opposite the mountain after they trekked past the Second Rope and another group witnessed the trekker fell in front of their very eyes when they were waiting for their turn to go down the Second Rope.

The trekker fell estimated 20 -30 meters down the vertical cliff, she was fortunate because there was a tree blocking her from going down further.

Shivers, shivers, shivers.......................