Friday, March 19, 2010

Accident Prone Spot at Bukit Tabur West

It was this picture that appeared in facebook in one trekker's album at The Trekkers site.

( Pic courtesy of Mr. Liew Ban Hing)

( click for details of pic )

that drew attention of the trekking community.

Comments & exchange of words were made about the safety & the after effect of untowards accidents should it happened.

I picked it up & take the opportunity to make this a public educational material as an insight for anyone who needs some information on trekking at the second rope of Bukit Tabur Kuala Lumpur.

Location of study : Second rope in Bukit Tabur Kuala Lumpur

5) Suggestion : Do take turns to climb down as this is an accident prone spot to watch out for.

View of the cliff from the opposite mountain range

( click for details of pic )

( click for details of pic )

Trek safely, trek responsibly, Help keep Bukit Tabur clean.

Disclaimer : We are merely presenting facts on the terrain of that particular section/stretch/spot of Bukit Tabur West, focusing on second rope, some of the dangers and risk we perceived we feel best to make known for those who are interested to know.

We do not in any way commanding anyone to follow our ways in trekking.

We are in
no way to be hold responsible for any mishaps or accidents that arised from anyone using these information.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Be Responsible Be Safe Keep Bukit Tabur Clean

The Trekkers Site in facebook hopes to encourage all trekkers to share their passion in promoting safe trekking & responsible trekking.

There has been too many bad publicity in the past due to accidents in Bukit Tabur, we do not need another one or more to be the reasons for the authority to close down the place.

We need reponsible trekking, we need responsible trekkers to not only appreciate the place but also to encourage safe trekking among their friends.

The terrain of Bukit Tabur is unique and different from other tropical jungles, trekking in Bukit Tabur is challenging because of the rocks, and trekking is mostly on top of the range, any accidents that happen there, evacuation is very difficult.

Mountain climbing /trekking is actually very humbling experience, it opens our mind & sight to see what nature can offer and what we human's limitation there is.

The purpose of this site is for trekkers of Bukit Tabur to share their passion in working towards safe trekking in Bukit Tabur, but also together to create a clean environment when we pass by the trek.

if you see the below :

iresponsible littering,
vegetation burning,
irresponsible climbing like hanging on branches and cliff just to show their prowness,
irresponsible cutting of trees or the rocks to mark their name to tell the world they have been there,

do in a very TACTFUL WAY, remind them to be responsible & be safe.

Again, we would like to stress, ONCE ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, rescue & evacuation is difficult.

Young Man & Young Woman, are the pillars at an important time such as no other for the development of family, community, society, and country, as well as the world around you.

Do not allow any any accidents to happen which can be avoided through responsible trekking.

Be safe, while enjoying yourself.

Never take things for granted, exercise self restraint & common sense.

Avoid accidents at all cost & counting.

Avoids fatality, in least expected ways.

Be considerate too as your accidents might affect the opportunities for other trekkers who enjoys trekking just like you, not a chance to Bukit Tabur.