Monday, May 11, 2009

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Trekking Shoes

We would like to share what we saw, some trekking shoes that were on the feet of some trekkers up on Bukit Tabur.

1) worn out shoes, the sole/soles that can come off easily.

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Watermelon Lau has been trekking regularly in this quartz ridge the past 6 years, he volunteers himself to collect rubbish each time he goes up there.

According to him, it is not unusual to take down a pair or two, different soles of the trekking shoes that were left behind by trekkers.

Some are even branded shoes, he remarked.

We do not intend to name which brand of trekking shoes will or will not give way, we are of the opinion that, if any shoes that is almost near their retirement age, best to let them enjoy their retirement at home rather than work them so hard up on the mountain.

Unless a spare is brought along to replace the near spoilt trekking shoes when it gives way.

Isn't it easier to do things right from the very beginning ? best to wear a good pair of trekking shoes before ascending the hill.

Having to trek on shoes without sole/soles, may be some would think it is funny.

It is not so funny anymore when one need to walk with socks only on your feet, when you are half way neither up nor down the hills, especially to those who don't appreciate the free reflexology Bukit Tabur ridges offers.

Click to see the sole on the rock and Melawati Town below

2) Certain part of Bukit Tabur ( East ) will need rope climbing, seeing this young man balancing himself while coming down the slope using the rope, balancing himself by having to take care of the terrain to make sure his footware didn't come off.

For known reason, it really cause me irregular and forceful beating of heart.

He did expressed regret for wearing such footware as trekking shoes up Bukit Tabur, which he said he should have stop at the foothill instead of risking his life up on the mountain.

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3) When these three guys passed us by, we say hullo to them.

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Further looking at what was on their feet, we were just speechless !

Definately this kind of slippers is a no no, I wouldn't even dare trying on my feet climbing any mountain let alone Bukit Tabur.

3) These are some of the trekking shoes we found on trekkers' feet on Bukit Tabur

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Happy Feet means Happy Trekking

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Trekking Dogs

These are the two dogs that follow trekkers up Bukit Tabur.

Both are very hard working generally.

Especially the female brown dog, she will accompany trekkers up until the Location of Second Rope in Bukit Tabur. The white spotted black dog doesn't do it all the time.

For us as regulars, the brown dog had many times, waited patiently for us at the Second Rope to back trek from the end of Bukit Tabur ( Carpet Grass ) and accompany us until we reached the foothill.

Our observation shows that they might not have one owner who takes care of them, but as stray or they belong to the mechanics who operate motor workshops at the foothill.

The white male dog has bitten a girl last week coz he was aggrevated.

These two dogs will normally lead trekkers up Bukit Tabur, but at other point they will sit quietly and observe trekkers pass by and follow from behind after all the trekkers has trek passed them.

Reading some bloggers who blogs on Bukit Tabur, mentioning these two dogs by many different names, kind of makes me wonder whether they will be confused with the different dog names given by different trekkers.

The purpose of mentioning these two dogs in this Bukit Tabur blog is to bring awareness to trekkers, that we ought to be kind to the dogs.

From our experience, both are very tamed, and can be very sweet in nature. No doubt they are stinky, guess nobody baths them is the reason.

Let's be kind to them.

While we do not advocate against animal cruelty here, be very kind in treating them is a right thing to do.

There are some trekkers kick them hard and they almost fell off the cliff.

( click on the picture to see details )

but they are other dog lovers, put a dog collar on one, and feed them with canned food etc...

I am fascinated by the behaviour of these two dogs. and wonder how they come down the cliff.

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Once I had an opportunity to watch from the opposite mountain range at the First Rope and observed how one of them came down.

Capturing them in pictures that i will look again and again and marvel at the dog's skill in climbing without going through dog training.

It's just so marvellous how they do it.

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For these two dogs who trek Bukit Tabur, rarely you will hear them bark or purposely go near to you, just like they kind of understand sniffing is not allowed on some.

Only twice we heard the female brown dog barked, once it was at a huge monkey at the Second Rope Location, which we have never seen before in the years we trek in Bukit Tabur.

And another time the brown dog was barking at the hissing snake that camoflourged on the branches, probably alerting us to be careful.

Let us all be kind, be very very kind, be kind to them.