Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everest Base Camp Trekkers Photoshot & Promote Safe Trekking

Location : At the First Rope of Bukit Tabur West

Working At : Mitigating the danger at the First Rope, to lower the risks of main rope from swinging out to the right when climbers descending the cliff.

Work Done in February 14, 2009 : Rock Climber Lau and Peter, together with Eric & some others had worked on an enhanced rope( red & white striped rope ), tying it to the main rope ( green color ) on February 14, 2009

What Happened after that : The Enhanced Rope was cut off by someone ( ????? ) between February 14, 2009 and March 19, 2009

Taking the opportunity to ride on the coverage by Star Metro, we highlight to the reporter on the danger in Bukit Tabur, with hope they will also put a little advise to the potential trekkers, who have never come here but planning to, or new trekkers who needs the information.

I took up the opportunity to assist KC and his team ( )

of Everest Base Camp trekkers ( They are going in October 2009 )

in the photo shootings,

and training in Bukit Tabur.

while leaving Derrick Wong & gang, to assist Rock Climber Lau, who always put on harness,

to work on the enhanced rope at the First Rope Location.

Working On the aim again : Our effort now is to focus on safe trekking, this is the second time the enhanced rope is being tied to the main rope.

Testing By Lai Kuan

KC 's team of Everest Base camp trekkers were among the first and previlege to use the rope with enhanced feature to scale down the cliff.

We hope the work done this time will stay to benefit those who needs it.

A special thanks to Lau, who has just recovered from his bout of flu, but chose to come due to the urgency and need in Bukit Tabur, and Derrick Wong, who has purposely taken a day of leave off from work to help, and lai kuan & alex and Amelia in one way or another contributing to the community work towards trekking safely

No matter how safe this community work is meant for everyone, we would advise that it's better to be sure yourself by checking the rope thoroughly before making any descend as safety precaution.

Please take a picture, send us a mail should you suspect breakage of any sort on the rope, let's keep an eye on safety for each other to ensure safe trekking in Bukit Tabur


On coming down or going up the ranges in Bukit Tabur, to proceed from one place to another, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your climbing here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bukit Tabur : 爬下 第一 山崖


- 当你登山时,请将安全放在第一.

Never take things for granted, danger is lurking every where

最好安全, 就是不要讓自己置身 " 險境"

A mis-step, an accident swing, to the right by trekker in orange, chances are the boy in green will be knocked down.

Click, to view the height of the cliff


慢慢 , 慢慢


The rope will not swing much when you come down slowly when your centre of gravity is balance.


- 注意:一旦握不紧麻绳,你将会堕入100150公尺高的悬崖。

View of accident prone spot from Bukit Mas housing estate.

- 这一处已曾经发生过三宗严重以外,伤势级恶,惨不忍睹。

- 请随时警惕与协助你身边的伙伴,不要乱丢垃圾。

- 若想获取更多有关Bukit Tabur登山详情,可以到


Translation from English to Mandarin was volunteered by Mok Shao Feng/Xiu Liang, both are from University Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Location of First Rope

The picture below is to shows direction towards First Rope.

Almost 50 meters away from First Rope.

We put up a danger sign here.

This picture with arrows shows the trek towards First Rope if trekkers wants to go down the cliff by using rope.

We put up two Danger Signs here.

Beyond the tree and the small patch of rock, at the First Rope, it is vertical cliff ( drop ).

Most accidents happened here.

The rope is supposed to assists trekkers getting down the cliff to get to the other side.

We believe situation led to accidents can happened as follows :-

1) The trekker himself is unsure how to go down, under some coaching and guidance from friends or fellow trekkers, he may try his way down.

2) The trekker, even though afraid of height, still holding unto the rope tightly, and slowly manouver himself down.

3) Beyond the tree and the patch of rock, it is vertical cliff ( drop) The trekker, even though afraid of the height or edge of the rock, they still want to try the rope way.

There can be situation which they loose balance and swing their body like pendulum and out of panic, they let go of the rope and drop down vertically to the foothill.

4) We have also seen on one occassion, there was a couple posing themselves playfully by sitting with legs hanging down the cliff beyond the tree, ( meaning to take photographs next to the tree ) , we kindly told them it is dangerous at that particular spot. However, they just gave us an unfriendly stare, which means mind your own business.

Since they choose to have their own way for pleasure though they are informed.

We just shaked our head and moved on.

This is most tragic, when accident happened. Everyone is stressed out.

In such steepness in slopes and terrain. The rescue teams and para-medic has to be on foot to reach the victims for evacuation. According to the rescue team, It is very dangerous for the helicopter to fly next to the cliff and so, rescue by helicopter will definately be a challenge

From observation and experience, the speed and time taken to reach the fall victims on foot depend largely on the fitness level of the rescue personnels.

Even if the rescue team are fit, having to carry the heavy equipments while trekking is not a joke.

So, to all the trekkers, we wish you have an understanding why we need to get the message to as many as possible on the risk and danger at the First Rope.

Let's do something to contribute towards accident free trekking in Bukit Tabur.

Not to scare off anyone coming here but while we have fun, safety is utmost importance in trekking.

Bukit Tabur : How To Get Down First Rope

There are two ways to climb down first rope

1) Going to the right side of the slope and climb down a steep slope, there are rafia string tied to the trees to show boundry, keep safe within the boundry

Climbing down the first cliff via Rope

The first cliff ( First Rope )
( For clearer view of the image, click on the picture)

There is a tree at the first rope & two pieces of ropes hanging down from the tree

We normally refer to the location as First Rope.

1) Assisting Children scaling down first cliff

On Using Robes

It would also be helpful that care is taken to ensure the ropes are hanging in between the two rocks, when one scale down the cliff using the rope,

Do not let the robes hang on the right side of the rock.
with body weight, the robe may swings like pendulum towards the right side of the rock of which below is the vertical cliff, it is very very dangerous.

BEST, & BE AWARE to move towards left rock at all times, away from the edge of the cliff at the right rock.

if at all, anybody loose balance and swings towards the right side of the right rock, such situation can happen, please remember never, never, never & never to let go of the rope.

Don't get panic & Hold on to the robe tight with all your might, be calm

and slowly get back to the left rock & manouver from there.

It will at least reduce the risk of imbalance which leads to falling down.

2) Scaling down first cliff without using robes
Mr. Lau (The Watermelon man)

2) Scaling down the cliff without using the rope by clinging unto the clft of the rocks.

( Travel light when you trek, is the best advise, take only the necessary, for Bukit Tabur 1 to 1.5 liter of water will be sufficient, and some light snacks just in case hunger pangs strike. )

3 Scaling down by edging entire body towards left rock.

This is most suitable for trekker with slender build.

4) Another clever way is to use backside, sit-slidding, sit- slidding down from the left rock

In summary
We notice, if trekker chooses to come down via first rope

1) Most seasoned trekker will try to avoid the vertical cliff at the right side of the rock which is estimated at 100 Meter to 150 meters verticle down.
2) Most trekker would manouver in all ways by edging to the left rock to move forward to their next destination.


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.

Bukit Tabur : Where Is The Starting Point

At the end of Klang Gate Road ( Melawati ) is the gate of Klang Gate Dam,

Trekkers will start their journey by going behind the wall infront of the gate.

Trekkers will be climbing on top of the narrow ranges of Bukit Tabur West.

It’s always good reminder, no matter how much experience or one runs marathons and put in many impressive trail miles, for every trek, the below is important

Prepareness before trekking is important,

Be careful in every step you take is important,

Safety is important,

Going in group or in buddy system is important,



Even though one may have gone the same trek many times, each trekking journey has risk of its own, thus this will come back to

It's important to wear the right kind of shoes,

It's important to wear the right trekking attire.

It is important to wear your good attitude and be careful at all times while enjoying the trekking


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bukit Tabur : Supporting Safe Trekking

In our journey to promote safe trekking in Bukit Tabur, we come across many enthusiates, individuals and business organisations, willing to walk the extra mile with us.

Corezone Malaysia, was among the first to put our danger notice in their website, after the accident at the First Rope in October 2008 which a girl fell down.

From then on, we received many hits from Corezone's referals who personally thank us for the information provided on Bukit Tabur besides those that they can find in the net.

It was Ms. Dee Lu, then taking great faith in what we are doing, by linking us to their website, she must have measured against the risk to link us as newbies in outdoor with them.

Taking this opportunity to thank Corezone Malaysia in seeing what we do and support us in this worthy cause, This is what we have to say, thankyou for visiting our blog all this while, now there is a spin-off, which is more focus on Bukit Tabur for you and your friends.

Hope we have done some good to you and your customers.

I don't mind going back to Corezone Store in SS2, Petaling Jaya buy a thing or two that I need for my trekking purposes and say a hello to this adventurous by nature but sweet and gentle lady, you may want to do so, this is her link

A mandarin Section of put up our danger notice in their website

You can find it in page 25 of their discussion forum on the topic of mountain climbing & jungle trekking

The latest business organisation that has the danger notice on Bukit Tabur up in their website/blog is Lafuma Malaysia , They have written an article alerted their members and customers on the danger and how to overcome it in their blogsite.

The article is entitled Bukit Tabur Alert Notice, click on this blog. for more information.

There are other individuals we approached to help spread the message, looks like we will update this posting from time to time.

Individual blogger who has gone to Bukit Tabur West, described their experience and felt to be a part of safe trekking :

More to come later.

Bukit Tabur : How To Get Down Second Rope

These few pictures shows how Eric get down the cliff at the second rope in Bukit Tabur.

( Click on the picture for clearer view )

Second Rope Top View

The photographer position was approximately 2-3 ft from where the second rope is.

This picture shows Eric coordinating to hold the grooves of the rock & the rope. (Top View)

Second Rope Side View

To get a side view on how Eric came down from the rope, the photographer position was at the 6-8 ft big rock

Second Rope Side View Part 2

The verticle cliff at the second rope is on its right.


The information provided herein is purely from the experiences we gathered in trekking Bukit Tabur, we do not claim them as the only way, We WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any mishaps and/or accidents whatsoever arising from your trekking here.