Friday, July 22, 2011

Accidents at the first rope again

Accidents does happen every where, be it on the road, in the house, on the mountain etc....

However when accidents happened at the same spot around the same location, that sounds danger, and risk, it means some attention is needed to avoid accidents and to be safe.

It was again in the same spot/location at the First Rope of Bukit Tabur West, accident happened in the month of June, 2011 when trekker scaled down the rock.

We would like to present few posters in this blog to warn others of the danger again, as most of the posters we hang on the trees leading up to the accident prone spots were taken off by someone whom we don't know and we couldn't understand why they are doing it.

When you come to the first rope, there are two options to advance further,

Option 1

Assuming you are standing with scenes of Kuala Lumpur City on your left, the path to advance further is located on the right side of the slope. ( My opinion is that it is less risky & safer if you follow this path.)

The slope is quite steep but with ropes to guide you, if you trek within the confine of the ropes, there is no reason why any trekker cannot reach the next level safely.

Options 2
Scaling down the cliff is high risk and accidents happened here many times, the latest being in june 2011 )

If you must do this path, I would like to share something that may interest you.

When we gotten a professional rock climber to tie the rope at that location, they advised us some thoughts.

1) You cannot bore any holes or nails because the rock is limestone and it breaks easily.
2) There are granite stones which is vertical and through the weathering, wear and tear, it is not stable.

With the rope that was tied to the tree on top of the slope, it was meant to assist only should climber choose that way, it is not meant as life line for any climber.

There are volunteers do some checking from time to time, but there is always someone who do the opposite to loosen it.

Scary right !!!

So, my humble advice is use a safer way to trek, it goes a long way to enjoy the nature.

Here are some pointers to look out for, and we hope it helps.

Check the rope every time you choose this risky and challenging path.

We noticed the same tree that used as support at the bottom of the cliff, has fallen.

Take great care to balance yourself, take one step at a time.

Never to sit at the cliff edge. It is very dangerous.

Click on this photos to see the cliff of Bukit Tabur that you may understand why any fall can be fatal.

Trek safely, Trek responsibly, Keep Bukit Tabur Clean always.

It's always good to know " Happily the trekkers go up, safely they trek back.