Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bukit Tabur : West

This is a snapshot of Bukit Tabur West, I was standing at the end of a climbable peak in Bukit Tabur East. From this angle, the entire mountain ranges appeared before our very eyes.

On the right side is the Klang Gate Lake and Klang Gate dam. On the left is Melawati township.

The above picture was taken in January 18, 2006. There are some hills development going on at the foothill of Bukit Tabur.

Picture taken on april 4, 2009

This is a snapshot of Bukit Tabur West taken from the platform of LRT at Wangsa Maju station Of Putra Line.

Click on the picture for clearer view.

from this angle, you can see some section on the faces of the cliff of the Bukit Tabur West.

Many incidents have happened in the past two and a half years that draw much attention to this belt of hills to Bukit Tabur.

How picturesque is Bukit Tabur, in pictures and how it has become known due to publicity by words of mouth, public reportings in newspaper and TV, as well as blogs and forums.

In 2007, there was some full pages reporting in some local dailies, on this crystal hills, called Bukit Tabur, much was written on its beauty but negligeble on the danger of it.

Crowds of trekkers come here to enjoy themselves, regulars and non regulars, and the traffic we can say is increasing in the past two and half years.

In the last 6 months this article is written, at least 3 serious falls off the cliff had happened.

Octber, 2008 : a college girl

December 2008 : a lady

January 2009 : a college boy

January 2009 : a malay lady news reporter, injured herself and has to be carried down by rescue team.

It is indeed challenging job doing rescue operation and evacuation work when accident happened.

The birth of this ALL ABOUT BUKIT TABUR comes after we felt there is a need to do so after the death of two specialist surgeon in Bukit Tabur.

We hope the death of DR. Haliza Mohd Shafiee, 53, and Dr Amin Tai Abdullah alias Tai Yen Ming, 57, who has contributed much to the society, wmet with the tragic accident in Bukit Tabur, started our effort this place a safe haven for trekkers is not in vain.......


Phantom said...

Agnes, thanks for much info on Bukit Tabur West. Could you share your experience of hiking Bukit Tabur EAST? My friends and I have been thinking of climbing Bukit Tabur EAST, but none of us have done it before. We heard that climbing rope may be required.

The trekker, agnes said...

hi, will post some pics for you on the last part of the climb soon